We are currently conducting a survey on the preferences and requirements for the ideal Multi-Faith Space. Please help us by submitting your answer here. All answers are anonymous and non-binding.


Our project focuses on a relatively new, but widespread phenomenon of the so called “Multi-Faith Spaces”, that is the public spaces (often in the context of institutions such as schools, hospitals and airports) where people of different beliefs may find a convenient place to contemplate, pray and reflect in a silent and warm environment during a busy day.

Understanding the growing need for, and seeing the rising debates around the Multi-Faith Spaces our team took a closer look at the subject, only to find out that there was no major research done among the potential and actual users of such spaces. That is why our project would like to get back to basics, and start with the believers themselves.

In our project we plan to introduce two phases: conceptual and empirical. The former will focus on the investigation of the believers’ opinions by means of surveys and focus groups. The latter will utilise this knowledge in order to create an actual space in Lund. All this to prepare guidelines that could be used by the creators of future spaces.

If you would like to know more, please read our project description.


Ryszard Bobrowicz

Graduate of the University of Copenhagen and the University of Warsaw with a background in law, religion and future studies.

Moa Karlsson

Graduate of the University of Gothenburg and the Lund University with background in philosophy, history of ideas, and religious studies.


Öresund is a unique region combining people from numerous religious traditions and of radically different beliefs. All this is accompanied by the Nordic values of openness, inclusiveness and tolerance which gives a great fundament for a project of that kind.



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